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What are the dos and don’ts for a gym beginner?

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With Indians being more prone to cardio-vascular incidents than any other South Asian community, it is time we seriously look at our exercise routines and rethink our regimen. Unknown to them, many young Indians have inflammatory conditions which remain hidden because of their basic fitness levels that absorb the effects of moderate blockages. Most importantly, their energy levels mask their stress threshold, resulting in these sudden episodes.

Before choosing any health regime, especially those that put additional strain on your body, like weightlifting, crunches, deadlifts and pull-ups, get a stress test done. Do not sign up arbitrarily. During a stress test, a health care provider will monitor the heartbeat of a person while they walk on a treadmill or pedal a stationary bike. This test will help a healthcare professional understand how well the heart functions and whether there is a chance of any cardiovascular issues. Further, the stress test is critical because it can prevent sudden fatalities arising from over-exercising, usually caused by abnormal heart beats.

While there is no doubt that drinking water is essential throughout the day, it is vital to drink water throughout your exercise regime. Drinking sufficient water during an exercise regime will help you maintain optimal performance, especially if you are working outdoors. Also, hydrating during your workout can help you recover significantly faster after a hectic session.

Exercising on an empty stomach is not a good idea

While this may help you burn valuable energy sources, you will have less stamina through your exercise regime. It can also result in low blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling lightheaded, nauseous or shaky. To prevent this, it is best to have a small meal (45 minute to an hour) before going to the gym. Refrain from having meals and going to the gym immediately.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep is essential for your body to perform at optimum levels. If you have suffered minor injuries or aches during your exercise regime, a good night’s sleep will help you recover faster. Also, if you are suffering from insufficient sleep, 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise can enhance your sleep quality.


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