Efforts put in place to save electricity in Punjab

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Punjab E News:  In today’s era, electricity has become an integral part of human life. A person may survive a day or two without bread, but it is hard to live a comfortable human life even for even for a few hours in the absence of electricity.

Efforts are being made from time to time to meet the gap between power demand and power generation by power units of different states across the country. In the country, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha have also passed bills in a bid to save electricity.
Electricity is a great gift to humanity from Science. Electricity has a very valuable contribution in the development and progress of any country, state or society. Apart from human life, electricity plays a vital role for the inclusive development of any society.
Electricity is produced through a planned and intricate system through, water, coal, nuclear power, solar and many others and other elements. If the electrical energy storage system comes into existence, it will bring about a great revolution in the electricity sector and the electricity consumers will get huge benefits.
It is said here that saving one unit of electricity is equivalent to generating 1.25 units of electricity. If every consumer of Punjab saves one unit of electricity per day, it can be imagined how much electricity will be saved and the problem of shortage of electricity can be tackled along with saving ample of money.
Presently in Punjab, Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. is electrifying more than one crore premises of consumers of various categories and Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. is a major participant in the all-round progress of Punjab.
Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has organized a SE DSM under the title of Chief Engineer Energy Audit and Enforcement to create awareness among its electricity consumers about electricity conservation, the importance of electricity and the many benefits of electricity conservation. An office called Demand Side Management has been set up which from time to time in various effective ways draws up campaigns to create awareness among electricity consumers about electricity saving, importance of electricity and benefits of electricity saving. In Punjab, in all operational zones of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, paper reading competitions are conducted for the students of different schools from time to time regarding electricity saving, importance of electricity and improvements in society with electricity saving.
The students who are winners in these competitions are also honored. Apart from this, various newspapers, All India Radio and TV by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. Advertisements and promotional campaigns regarding energy saving are conducted through channels. Apart from this, the Corporation provides information and appeals to the agricultural consumers through colorful printed materials to create awareness through Kisan Melas at various places across the state regarding the use of good company’s shunt capacitors. Affordable LEDs to domestic consumers. Under the bulb scheme, 15.69 lakh bulbs have been distributed to the domestic consumers of Punjab. These LED bulbs are of 9 watts.
Every year on December 14, which is celebrated as National Energy Saving Day, is also celebrated by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited.
The Government of India has established the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Energy Conservation Act 2001. The main objective of which is to create awareness about energy conservation policies and electricity conservation at the national level. The policies made by the Punjab government to save electricity are effectively implemented.
Various efforts are made by Punjab Energy Development Authority to create awareness about saving electricity in Punjab. Among them are recommendations for energy audit, LEDs for saving electricity. Conducting seminars, workshops and building code to create information and awareness about lights, energy saving. PEDA emphasizes on saving electricity in the industrial sector.
Of course, many scheme campaigns and efforts are made by the electricity units of different states of the country to save electricity, but still it is a moral responsibility of every citizen of the country to save electricity very sparingly. Although there is an increase in the average demand of electricity every year by 8 to 10 percent in the country. Efforts are always put in place by the governments to generate electricity and the results are also in front of us.
Punjab is the second state in the country where every household consumer is given 300 units per month / 600 units per 2 months free of charge without any discrimination other than caste, class and electricity load.
There is not much hydro power in Punjab. Coal is brought to Punjab from a distance of 1600 km and electricity is supplied to the consumers and their premises are lit.
In such a scenario, there are more than 74 lakh domestic consumers in Punjab. Out of which 86 percent of consumers’ bills have come to zero recently. As a result of saving electricity by the domestic consumers of Punjab, the bills of 86 percent of the consumers have come to zero.

Manmohan Singh,
Under Secretary Public Relations Department,
Punjab State Power Corporation Limited,
Phone no. 96461-77800,
E-mail [email protected]

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