Punjab Education Department bans child care leave and foreign trips leave

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Punjab E News: The Punjab Education Department has banned teachers and non-teaching staff from taking child care leave and foreign leave from January to March. They will get leave only in case of an emergency.

The director has written a letter to all the district education officers and school heads, saying that the time of examinations of children has come to a close and during this time the teachers need to pay special attention to the education of the children. Non-teaching staff in schools is also of great importance to meet the teaching goals by teachers.
The letter states that child care leave and foreign leave during January, February and March should not be approved or recommended to be accepted.
“In case the child of an officer/employee is less than three years of age or is suffering from any serious illness, in such circumstances, on the basis of the certificate/recommendation of the Civil Surgeon regarding child care leave and in case of an unavoidable period for foreign leave, the decision on these leave shall be taken at the level of head office,” the director said.

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