AAP gets trolled on report card in Punjab

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Chandigarh: The Aam Aadmi Party government has been trolled by releasing the annual report card of the Punjab Police. This claim of the Punjab government has been rejected by the people. Not only this, people have also trolled the AAP for taking credit of BSF.

Releasing the year-long report card of the Punjab Police, the AAP government claimed that during the tenure of the Mann government, the Punjab Police had arrested 119 terrorists and 428 gangsters in a year. Not only this, 22 drones have also been dropped. Drugs worth Rs 11.59 crore have been seized and 16,798 drug smugglers and smugglers arrested.
People criticised the AAP government for dropping 22 drones. People say that the drone coming from Pakistan has been dropped by BSF personnel. The Punjab Police had no contribution in this, but despite this, the Punjab government is taking credit for it.