CAG report exposes Punjab govt’s claims, 22% reduction in land income

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Punjab News: There has been a decline in the land income of the Punjab government, revealed the CAG report.

According to the CAG report, as of November 2022, there has been a decline of 22 per cent in land income. Apart from this, there has been a decrease of 1.57 percent in the excise policy. At the same time, there has been a 22 percent decrease in the income from the sales tax petrol diesel.
In Punjab, the Bhagwant Mann government’s income from GST has seen a decline compared to last year.
Last year, the income was Rs 30,034.29 crore, but this year the income in tax income was Rs 35,569.29 crore, which is Rs 5,535 crore more than the previous year. The government’s non-tax income generated Rs 2,935.66 crore. In this way, there has been an increase of 20 percent in the income from tax income.
The Punjab government has set an income target of Rs 119913.44 crore this year, while the government has earned rs 69,911.95 crore for eight months i.e. till November.
Apart from this, the Punjab government has earned less income than the previous year in the income from GST in the last eight months. From April 22 to November 2022, the government earned Rs 11,954 crore from GST, which is 58.17 per cent as against 59.78 per cent in the previous year. That is, compared to the previous year, the government has earned 1.61 percent income.

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