Cancer patient on New York-bound flight seeks help with hand bag, offloaded; Inquiry ordered

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New Delhi: A woman suffering from cancer was allegedly deplaned at the Delhi airport on an American Airlines flight. The woman had recently undergone a surgery and had sought assistance from a flight attendant to keep her hand bag in an overhead cabin. The incident took place on January 30 and came to light after the woman lodged a complaint against the flight attendant.

The woman has been identified as Meenakshi Sengupta. The woman has accused the flight attendant of refusing to help her put her 5-pound handbag in an overhead cabin. The woman says she was unable to keep the bag in the overhead cabin due to weakness.
Meenakshi Sengupta, in her complaint to the Delhi Police, said she had also requested a wheelchair for her seat. “I was also wearing a brace which was visible to everyone and they would know that I had some problem because I can’t lift any weight in my hands and am vulnerable to surgery,” she said.

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