US shoots down Chinese spy balloon, China expresses strong objection, tensions may deepen

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Washington: Amid rising tensions over the Chinese spy balloon looming over America, the US has shot it down. According to a report, the US shot down the Chinese balloon over the sea, now its debris is being collected. The Air Force dropped a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the Carolina coast after crossing sensitive military sites in North America.

According to the information, China has expressed strong dissatisfaction over the shooting down of the Chinese balloon by the US.
“On Wednesday, when I was told about the balloon, I ordered the Pentagon to drop it as soon as possible,” Biden said after the action to drop the balloon. They successfully dropped it. I want to congratulate our soldiers who carried out this.
According to a US official, the US military shot down a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of the Carolinas. The balloon was first spotted in the skies over Montana earlier this week. Before the balloon was dropped, the Federal Aviation Administration issued ground stops for airports in Wilmington in North Carolina, Charleston in South Carolina, and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
That is, the activity here was completely stopped. Top military officials had warned of dropping the balloon as the debris could pose a threat to people and property on the ground.

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