Kejriwal on law and order in Punjab: Maintaining peace and law in Punjab is our priority

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Jalandhar News: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal praised the Bhagwant Mann government on the law and order situation in Punjab and said that peace, law and order in the state is our priority.

In his address after inaugurating Shri Guru Ravidas Bani Study Center at Dera Sachkhand Ballan on Saturday, he said that in the past few days some people tried to vitiate the atmosphere of Punjab, but we will not allow anyone to disturb the peace. He said that sometimes tough decisions have to be taken to maintain law and order and the AAP government led by Bhagwant Mann is capable of taking tough decisions.

Arvind Kejriwal further said that the Bhagwant Mann government handled the situation very well and they had the entire situation under control without firing a single bullet or shedding any blood. He said that, today, those who were trying to disturb the communal harmony and peace of Punjab are scared and on the run.

He further said that anyone who threatens the peace of Punjab or sells drugs will not be spared. When 3 crore Punjabis will be with the government, then no drug peddler will have the courage to sell drugs. He said that the law and order situation has improved after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in the state, as during the previous governments their MLAs and ministers had “settings” with gangsters, mafia and criminals. But the ‘AAP’ government does not have any such a setting with anyone, that’s why, now, gangsters and mafia are being punished.

Addressing the Sangat here, Kejriwal said that through the Guru Ravidas Bani Study Center, Guru Ravidas ji’s holy Bani will reach every nook and corner of Punjab as well as the world. I consider myself very fortunate that I got a chance to participate in such great and virtuous work.

He said that Baba Sahib Ambedkar gave education the highest importance in his life. Baba Saheb did one PhD degree from America and the other from London. He wrote the constitution of our country.

All the governments that came before us did not provide good education to your children, nor did any government built schools. In Delhi, we built world class schools, made government schools better than private schools. Now the government school students children are becoming doctors, lawyers and engineers. I am very happy that now in Punjab too, Bhagwant Mann has started the work of rejuvenating government schools. Our government will make all government schools in Punjab world class in the next five years.

On the health system, Kejriwal said that we improved and upgraded government hospitals in Delhi and medicines, tests and treatment is free there. The Bhagwant Maan government has also started the work of improving the government hospitals of Punjab.

In Delhi, we have opened mohalla clinics in every street. I opened 550 mohalla clinics in Delhi in 5 years. Maan Sahib has opened 500 mohalla clinics in Punjab in just one year.

On drugs issue, he said that when three crore people will join hands with the government, no one will have the courage to sell drugs. All drug peddlers will be caught and put in jail. Aam Aadmi Party has no setting with anyone, that’s why from last one year all gangsters and criminals are being caught and put in jail. Punjab is slowly coming back on track of being ‘Rangla Punjab’.

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