Canada confronting a massive immigration backlog, exceeds 2M applications

canadaimmigration crossedthe20lakhapplications

Canada confronting a massive immigration backlog, exceeds 2M applications

Ottawa: Canada's immigration system, which has become the centre of attraction of the people globally, has faltered badly following unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic and lack of transparency in immigration system. The number of applicants with the country's immigration department has been increasing everyday due to non-disposal of old files.

   According to information, the number of 18 lakh files pending till the end of March of this year has crossed the 20 lakh mark on 30th April. However, 65,000 files have also been disposed of during this period. 

   About three lakh files have been registered every month for all categories including travel visa, employment visa, temporary accommodation, permanent residence (PR), citizenship etc.

   Due to the joint request of more than one person in many files, the number of applicants has gone up by 25-30 per cent more than the files and the applicant backlog figure has crossed 25 lakh, officials said. 

   According to information received from some people who have come to Canada and put up files to become PR, the months-long wait that has reached for years is shattering their dreams, they are also facing family and mental troubles.

May 9 2022 12:57PM
canadaimmigration crossedthe20lakhapplications
Source: Punjab E News

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