AAP dares Congress and BJP to implement 'One MLA, One Pension' in states ruled by them

decision to implement one mla one Pension

AAP dares Congress and BJP to implement 'One MLA, One Pension' in states ruled by them

Providing free education and medicine is not 'free revadi', but giving it to corporate friends and family members is: Kang

Punjab E News:-  The Aam Admi Party on Saturday said that the historic decision to implement 'One MLA-One Pension', in Punjab will put an end to waste of  taxpayer's money, that was  used by previous governments to fill the pockets of its  legislators. The decision will save about Rs100 crore in five years ; an amount that will now be used for the welfare of the people.

     Addressing the media at the party headquarters here, AAP Punjab's chief spokesperson Malvinder Singh Kang said that for the first time in the history of the country, a government has stopped the distribution of 'revadis'  to political leaders from public money. This is the true spirit of serving the people instead of making bogus claims.

     Taking a jibe at the BJP and the Congress, Kang said that providing free education and healthcare is not a freebie, but giving favours and waiving loans of corporate friends is certainly ' free ki revadi’.

     Kang challenged the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress who have their governments in most of the states  to implement the same reform. " If they have the courage, they should also implement the 'One MLA-One Pension' in the states ruled by them to save public money being spent on the politicians.

AAP leaders welcome the decision

      Senior AAP leader and MP Raghav Chadha said in a tweet. “Previous Punjab Govts with malafide interests drained Govt treasury & filled their own pockets by exploiting 'One MLA Multiple Pensions'. Losing elections would lead to profits for ex-MLAs! Today Mann Govt introduced 'One MLA One Pension' saving crores of rupees of the exchequer.”

     Punjab Finance Minister Adv Harpal Singh Cheema said, “No more "Free ki Revdi" to Netas! When Punjab was reeling from extreme financial distress, MLA's under the previous govts were enjoying multiple pensions.  Under the leadership of CM @BhagwantMann this comes to an end. One MLA - One pension will save approx Rs. _19.53cr.”

      Dr Sandeep Pathak Rajya Sabha MP said that the Punjab government has implemented One MLA, One Pension bill after getting approval today. Now people's money will be spent on their welfare.

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decision to implement one mla one Pension
Source: #Punjab E News

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