Inter-class Hindi and Punjabi debate competition held at APJ School

hindi and punjabi debate competition

Inter-class Hindi and Punjabi debate competition held at APJ School

Punjab E News:-  An inter-class Hindi and Punjabi debate competition was held at APJ School, Mahavir Marg.  Students of class VIII participated in this competition. 

    The contestants impressed everyone with their idea and progressive thoughts. The theme of the Hindi debate competition was 'Girls and boys are equal in our society' and the theme of punjabi debate competition is 'It is better to be knowledgeable than looking smart'. The students presented their views with very equitable arguments in the debate. 

    The students said that in the present time, the discrimination between boy and girl is decreasing. The girls are also working shoulder to shoulder with the boys. In the Punjabi debate competition, the students pointed out that beauty is temporary, the real beauty depends on the qualities and the qualities are always appreciated. 

     Principal Shri Girish Kumar ji congratulated all the students who participated in the competition and said that such competitions are very necessary for the holistic development of the children and, the students should participate in them. 

The results of the competition are as follows:-

Hindi Debate Contest -

Dhairav Agarwal (8-B) and Arnaz Kaur Parmar (8-A) clinched first position 

Rupal Alang (8-B) on second place

The third got by  Pranav Parashar (8-C)

Punjabi debate competition-

Dhairav Agarwal (8-B) in first place

On the second place, Gaurika Joshi (8-B) and Pranit Chopra(8-A)

Akshit Jain at third position (8-C)

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hindi and punjabi debate competition
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