Warring warns against illegal mining along border as it endangers national security

illegal mining in border areas of punjab

Warring warns against illegal mining along border as it endangers national security

Punjab E News:-  Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring today warned against the security implications of illegal sand mining along the international border with Pakistan in Gurdaspur-Pathankot belt flagged by the Border Security Forces in the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

    Reacting to the disclosures made by the BSF in the High Court, the PCC president said, it should open the eyes and ears of the Aam Aadmi Party government in the state, which is otherwise claiming to have brought an end to illegal sand mining, which actually it has not.

     “It is not only an issue of illegal mining, looting of the state resources and massive damage to the environment, it is the issue of national security as pointed out by the BSF”, he observed, while adding the AAP did not seem to take the issue seriously which shows its lack of experience and competence on security matters.

     The PCC president maintained that while the AAP government was claiming to be “unearthing” the so-called “illegal sand mining scams” during the past regimes, illegal mining was very much taking place under its nose. 

     “Nobody stops you to probe the mining in the past and hang if anyone is guilty, but at least you should practice what you preach”, he told the AAP government while pointing out, illegal sand mining was going on rampantly despite the government’s claims to the contrary.

     Punjab, he warned, cannot afford to be so casual and careless about national security. He said, the BSF warning must be taken seriously and the state government must take all the preventive and curative measures. “Why do we need the BSF to tell us what we should be doing on our own?” he asked the government, remarking that it reflects badly on the state and its government.

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illegal mining in border areas of punjab
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