WhatsApp bans over 22 lakh Indian accounts in June, Know Why

whatsApp bans over 22 lakh indian accounts

WhatsApp bans over 22 lakh Indian accounts in June, Know Why

New Delhi: WhatsApp has banned the accounts of over 22 lakh Indians in the June month this year. 

   The message platform, which is owned by Meta, has taken this action based on complaints received from users and through its own system to detect violations. 

   The company had earlier banned 19 lakh accounts in May, 16 lakh in April and 18.05 lakh in March.

   Under the new information technology rules that came into effect last year, large digital platforms (with more than 50 lakh users) are mandated to publish compliance reports every month, mention the details of complaints received and action taken. 

   A WhatsApp spokesperson said in the latest monthly report that the company closed 2.2 million accounts during the month of June.

   According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, 'WhatsApp is strongly against obscenity. We have continuously worked on artificial intelligence, art technology, data scientists and experts to protect users and their data. We want users on our platform to feel secure. ’

Microblogging site Twitter has also launched an IT launch by June this year. 

    On the directions of the Ministry, 1,122 URLs. was blocked. This action is aimed at ensuring that a social media site is safe and accountable for all. under Section 69A of the Act, 2000. Let us tell you that in 2018, Twitter has got 225 URLs, in 2019, 1,041 in 2019 and in 2021, 2,851 URLs. was blocked.

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whatsApp bans over 22 lakh indian accounts
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