MCD fails to get mayor even today, House adjourned

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New Delhi: The election of mayor and deputy mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi could not be held even today. Following the ruckus, the House was adjourned again. As the MCD meeting began today, Pro tem Speaker Satya Sharma announced that nominated councillors will also vote in the election of MCD Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Standing Committee members. On which the Aam Aadmi Party objected, while slogans were raised on behalf of the BJP.

Earlier, the AAP had alleged that the BJP would not allow the mayoral elections to be held even today.
At the same time, AAP councillors had written a letter to the presiding officer of mcd demanding that nominated councillors be excluded from the mayoral election. According to him- Councillors nominated in the Constitution do not have voting rights.
The letter has the signatures of 135 councillors, including 134 AAP councillors and one Independent councillor. The tussle between AAP and BJP continues over the mayoral election.
The election was originally scheduled to be held on January 6, but there was an uproar in the House over the oath of nominated councillors that day. Councillors of both parties had created a ruckus in the House.
After this, the session of the MCD House started on January 24, before the nominated and elected councillors were administered the oath, but voting could not be done on that day and the House was adjourned after the ruckus. Even today, the House was adjourned after the ruckus.

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