Two killed, nine injured in road accident in Canada’s Quebec

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Quebec: In Canada, two people were killed and nine people were seriously injured when they were hit by a truck. The tragic road accident took place in Amqui town, north of Quebec City. According to Quebec police spokeswoman Helen St. Pierre, the accused has been arrested in this case.

The police further said that the incident took place after 3 am last night in Amqui city and the condition of two of the injured remains very serious. Locals present there told the media that a truck hit several people lying on the pavement.
After this, the truck continued to run for 400 to 500 meters on the side of the road and during this time it also ran over the people walking on the way. If this was not a normal incident, the driver would have braked immediately after hitting the first person, but this incident does not seem to be like this, eyewitnesses said.

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