Bomb information near Golden Temple: A search operation launched, Nihang and his 4 children detained

Amritsar: The Punjab Police received a bomb threat call near Golden Temple at the police control room late on Friday night and a search operation was carried out throughout the night. 
The police did not find bombs in this entire operation, but a Nihang and his four children were detained. It is reported that they did this prank.
The incident took place at night. At midnight, a bomb was reported near the Golden Temple to the police control room. After which the police was also increased around the Golden Temple and a search operation was started. After searching for a long time, the police could not find anything. After which the police started scanning the caller’s data.
The police retrieved the details from the control room and traced the owner of the phone. Investigation revealed that those phones had been stolen, but the police did not give up trying.
Nihang and children act for mischief
The police started investigating on the basis of the location of the phone. After a few hours of investigation, a Nihang Sikh and his four children were taken into custody. Investigation revealed that all of them had a stolen phone. Due to which they did this prank. Mobile phone theft was used so that no police could reach them.
Police have detained Nihang and the children and started questioning. The police have taken strict action on this action that took place near the anniversary of the Blue Star operation. The details of the phone are also being investigated, so that the matter can be investigated from all sides.