Inmates clash in Ludhiana Central Jail, injured

Ludhiana: A brawl broke out between two inmates of Ludhiana Central Jail late on Friday night. Both of them attacked each other with bricks, resulting in injuries to one of them.

According to sources, both prisoners were intoxicated, leading to a dispute fueled by verbal abuse. Both prisoners are serving life imprisonment for murder. The altercation occurred outside the barrack, where the miscreants assaulted each other with bricks.

Around 9:30 PM, inmate Harpreet Singh was transported to the hospital for treatment. Harpreet suffered a severe head injury from a brick strike, resulting in a laceration measuring approximately 5 centimeters.

Late night, doctors conducted X-rays and CT scans. Harpreet Singh remained admitted to Civil Hospital for approximately 4 hours. Police sources indicate that the second prisoner also sustained serious injuries but received initial first aid.

As of the time of reporting, it was stated that the prisoner would undergo further medical examination after 1 o’clock in the morning.

Ongoing clashes among inmates in Ludhiana jail, along with incidents of mobile phone and drug abuse, have raised concerns about security arrangements.

Drugs and contraband mobile phones are reportedly finding their way into the jail with increasing frequency. Earlier, prisoners attempted to remove bricks from the jail bathroom wall. However, police personnel from the jail have not commented on this matter.