Migrant labourer dies, two unconscious after inhaling gas while cleaning sewer in Gurdaspur

Chandigarh: Three migrant laborers fell unconscious after inhaling gas while cleaning a sewer in the nearby Chawa village. The villagers pulled them out of the sewer and admitted them to Civil Hospital Gurdaspur, but one migrant laborer died during treatment, while another’s condition is critical.

At the civil hospital, Neeru, a resident of Bharatpur district (Rajasthan), said that her husband typically handles village cleaning duties. However, today, while her husband was cleaning a sewer in Kanhaiya village, he fell unconscious due to gas exposure.

In an attempt to rescue him, her nephew Navi and brother Monu also entered the sewer but ended up falling unconscious as well. When Neeru raised an alarm, villagers gathered and managed to pull all three individuals out and rushed them to the Civil Hospital.

Unfortunately, Kanhaiya passed away during treatment, and his nephew’s condition remains critical.