Two ‘fake gangsters’ arrested in Mohali, used to demand ransom in the name of Goldy Brar

Chandigarh: The Mohali State Special Operations Cell had a major breakthrough when they nabbed two fake gangsters. According to the information received, the gangster, who was arrested by the Mohali State Special Operation Cell, used to call and demand a ransom.

The two gangsters had come to collect a ransom of Rs 30 lakh and at that time a team of Mohali State Special Operation Cell nabbed the fake gangsters.
The team has succeeded in nabbing the fake gangsters from Verka Chowk in Mohalla.
One of the accused is said to be a resident of Chandigarh Maloya and one is a resident of Sri Anandpur Sahib. Both these accused used to demand ransom in the name of Goldy Brar.