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School of Hotel Management of Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions organised workshop on “Bakery Products”

Punjab E News: In endeavour to develop a skilled hospitality professional in bakery, School of Hotel Management of Innocent Hearts group of Institutions organized a workshop on “Bakery Products.” The resource person for the workshop was Bakery Chef Mohit Monga.
Chef Mohit briefed about sculpture of chocolates and methodologies of preparing dough to the students. During the session, he demonstrated the recipes of Vanilla Cake, Dry Cake, Marble Cake, Almond Cookies, Choco chips, Ajwain Cookies and Coconut cookies. Chef Mohit also motivated the students to start-up their own venture to fulfil the dreams and passion of life.

Mr. Rahul Jain (Director Co-ordinator Schools & Colleges) presented a vote of thanks to the resource person for sharing his valuable skills and experience with students. He stated that this workshop provided the students a hand-on experience of preparing bakery items including, dough, quick breads, pies, cakes and cookies.