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Students can’t take spouses with them as UK bans foreign students from bringing family over

Punjab E News: Students going to the UK (UK) for studies will no longer get the facility of bringing their spouse. The UK government has now discontinued this scheme. 
     With this decision, students going to the UK for studies will not be able to take their spouses along. However, this decision will not be applicable to students going in September this year.
     This rule will apply to students who enroll in the UK in January next year. Earlier, students going to study in the UK were also given a spouse visa. After studies, the student and his spouse also got a two-year work visa.
     In the first week of October last year, UK Interior Minister Suella Braverman had created a stir among Indians, especially students of Punjabi origin, by saying that there could be a ban on spouse visas as there are so many people coming to the UK who do not have talent. Not only this, they also do not have any technical education, which can benefit the UK.
     Major reason behind this move
In January 2021, the British government had set an income of at least 25, 600 pounds per year for those working there, but Indians, especially from Punjab, reached the UK, who started working on low wages in the hospitality industry in addition to farming. This messed up the system there and affected the Right to Work in the UK. The natives of the UK began to be forced to work at low wages. Due to this, the government there was feeling a lot of pressure.
2 lakh students went by March in 2022, 80 percent of them from Punjab
     As many as 48,639 Indian students arrived in the UK in 2020. Of the 55,903 people who arrived in the UK in 2021 and 200978 by March 2022, 80 per cent were of Punjab origin. 
    This year, the figure crossed 200,000 by March 2023, with 85 per cent of the students married with the aim of somehow reaching the UK. After going there, the student’s spouse started working on a low salary.