Punjabi arrested on charges of extortion, one absconding

Toronto: Another accomplice of some members of the extortion gang, who was arrested by peel police last week, has been arrested by the police, while a nationwide notice has been issued in search of another accused.

The arrested accused has been identified as Jaskaran Singh (30), a resident of Toronto. There are 17 charges against him. He was already on bail in other such cases.

Police have issued warrants across Canada through a court for the arrest of another accused, Jagmohanjit Jheete (47), a resident of Saskatchewan.

Police believe the man is now hiding in the Peel area.

The police have released a picture of him and appealed to the people to help the police in nabbing the accused. According to the police, Jheete is also involved in committing the same crime after being released on bail in several cases.