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AAP minister Atishi accuses Haryana government of water crisis in Delhi

New Delhi: Water Minister Atishi has criticized the Haryana government over the water crisis in Delhi. She said on Wednesday that the water shortage in Delhi is currently 100 million gallons per day (MGD).

Delhi is receiving 100 MGD less water from Haryana, which means that 2.8 million people are experiencing reduced water supply.

Similarly, Atishi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi, stating that if the situation is not resolved, he will begin an indefinite fast starting June 21.

In the scorching heat, when Delhiites need more water, the Haryana government is releasing less water into the Yamuna.

Yesterday, Delhi received only 513 MGD instead of the expected 613 MGD from Haryana. Due to this 100 MGD shortfall, 2.8 million Delhiites are struggling to get sufficient water.