Boat carrying 12 farmers capsizes in Ganga river, 2 missing

New Delhi: A boat has sunk in the River Ganga on Sunday, about 12 farmers were going to Mahavir Tola Ghat in a boat in Maner area of Patna. Two people are said to be missing in the accident. While others have somehow swam out.

According to the local police, in the morning, some farmers from Maner Ganga Diara area were returning to Mahavir Tola Ghat with vegetables and grass on a boat.

Meanwhile, the boat sank in the River Ganga, about 20 meters before the Mahavir Tola Ghat. People present on the spot started raising alarm for rescue.

As soon as the incident was reported, the SDRF team reached the spot. Somehow 8 people came out. However, two people are still said to be missing.