Farmers reject Centre’s proposal, give ultimatum to government to accept demands by Tuesday

Chandigarh: The fourth round of meetings between farmer leaders and three Union ministers was held in Chandigarh on Sunday regarding the legal guarantee of MSP.

During this meeting, the central government agreed to provide MSP for four additional crops. Farmer leaders, present at the meeting, stated that they would consult with all organizations and communicate the final decision today. Meanwhile, farmers continue to stand at the border of Haryana.

Ranjit Raju, media in-charge of Rajasthan’s Gramin Kisan Mazdoor Samiti, mentioned that the farmers could not accept the government’s proposal.

After discussions across various platforms, farmer leaders have now decided to march to Delhi on 21st February. They emphasized that they are prepared to face lathi charges or even shell firing if necessary.

The government’s proposal appears to focus solely on farmers from Haryana and Punjab, while the agitation represents farmers cultivating various crops across the country.

Furthermore, while the government has agreed to provide MSP for paddy, it intends to control its production methods, which is unacceptable to the farmers.

This decision was confirmed by Jai Singh Jalbera, a farmer leader of BKU Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The farmers have given the government until 20th February to address their concerns.