Quality trial: Samples of 52 drugs, including paracetamol, fail

New Delhi: As many as 52 drugs, including paracetamol and pentoprazole, have been found to be non-standard in a quality test conducted by the country’s apex drug regulatory body. These include some antibiotics used to treat infectious diseases.

According to an alert issued by the Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) for the month of May, 22 of these non-standard medicines have been made in Himachal Pradesh.

According to sources, notices have been sent by the state drug regulators to the concerned companies and medicines with failed samples will be recalled from the market.

According to the test, the drugs found below the standard include clonazepam tablets, diclofenac, telemisartan, ambrozole and fluconazole, besides some multivitamin and calcium tablets.