Rahul Gandhi offers prayers at Golden Temple for second day, performed sewa

Amritsar News: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again visited the Golden Temple on Tuesday. He first cut vegetables and garlic with the women in the langar house and washed the utensils. Now he is distributing langar in the hall. Earlier, he had served till 12 o’clock in the night. This is the third time in 24 hours that he has arrived to serve.
       Rahul Gandhi, who arrived at the Golden Temple on Monday afternoon, had served to wash the jute utensils near Chhabil. Earlier, he bowed his head at the Golden Temple. 
      Late in the evening, Rahul Gandhi again reached the Golden Temple. During this time, he sat on the roof in the parikrama and served water for a long time. The devotees were also surprised to see this. People themselves were talking to them and taking water.