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Achhe din aane wale hain, Modi ji jane wale hain: Arvind Kejriwal in Chandigarh

Chandigarh:  The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor and Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday evening campaigned for AAP and Congress’s joint candidate in Chandigarh Manish Tiwari. Kejriwal said that ‘achhe din aane wale hain, Modi ji jane wale hain.’

   Kejriwal, along with candidate Manish Tiwari, led a massive road show in Chandigarh and appealed to the people to elect the joint candidate of the AAP and the Congress in Chandigarh. Kejriwal said that it is a fight to save our democracy and constitution. 

    Addressing the huge gathering in the rally Kejriwal thanked the people for coming out in large numbers to join him. He said that just after the announcement of the elections, the BJP put him in jail. He used to miss the people there. He said that the Supreme Court gave him bail to do the election campaign and since coming out of jail he went to many places in India and observed one thing that the BJP and Narendra Modi are losing. 

    He said that the BJP people tried everything to break me in the jail. I have been suffering from diabetes for 20 years. For the last ten years, I have been taking 52 units of insulin every day, knowing this, they stopped my insulin in the jail. Due to which my sugar level increased a lot. If a person’s sugar level remains high for a long time, then his liver and kidney can also get damaged. He said that he doesn’t know what the BJP wants to do with him but he is an honest man. If I’m not honest then no one in this world is honest, said the AAP supremo.

  Kejriwal also attacked Kirron Kher and said that the people of Chandigarh has been giving their vote to the BJP but they did nothing for the people here. He said that Kirron Kher has been their MP for 10 years but she never even came to meet people of Chandigarh. Kejriwal appealed to the people to vote for Manish Tewari and said that together we have to defeat the BJP this time.