After smart cameras, challans increased: 3.54 lakh challans issued in 10 months in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Traffic violation challans are continuously increasing in Chandigarh. A lot more challans have been issued this year than last year.

According to the data, 34.38 per cent more challans have been issued in the city in 10 months this year as compared to last year. The major reason for the increase in these challans is the high-resolution smart cameras installed at 40 important traffic points.
They are capturing many types of traffic violations. These cameras have the facility of Automatic Number Reading Recognition (ANRR) software. On the other hand, people are also sharing photos and videos of the violators on social media as well as the Chandigarh Traffic Police WhatsApp number.
Apart from these, traffic police personnel are also challaning manually.
Increasing challans in the city
According to the information, 3,54,073 traffic challans have been issued in 10 months this year. Last year, 2,32,319 challans were issued.
The percentage of challans in the last 10 months is about 50 per cent (49.88 per cent) more than the challans in the year 2020. A total of 1,76,619 challans were issued in 2020.
Of the total 3,54,073 challans in 10 months this year, 1,08,331 were of over-speeding. At the same time, 97,172 were dangerous driving and red light jumps. Apart from this, 29,879 challans were of Zebra crossing.
According to the traffic police, of the total 3,54,073 challans issued this year, 2,26,779 challans (64.04 per cent) have been done with the help of smart cameras. They are controlled from the Police Command Control Centre (PCCC) in Sector 17.
Speeding up in lane driving challans
There were 64,132 challans for over-speeding in 2021 and 32,497 challans in 2020. At the same time, the traffic police is also challaning lane driving.