Amritpal Singh writes letter to Sikh youth from Dibrugarh jail, asks them to intensify the struggle 

Amritpal Singh, the head of Waris Punjab De, is also engaged in instigating the youth by sitting in Dibrugarh jail. After ending the strike after fulfilling his demands in jail, he has now written a message to Sikh youth, in which he expressed grief over the death of his handlers Avtar Singh Khanda and Hardeep Singh Nijjar and asked the youth to intensify the struggle.
    In his letter, Amritpal Singh also demanded that terrorists Avtar Khanda and Hardeep Nijjar, who were killed in Canada and the US, be declared martyrs of the Sikh community.
     Amritpal Singh has once again warned the Indian government that by killing Sikhs in this way, they cannot destroy their political consciousness.
     According to the Guru Doctrine, taking up arms is the last resort of Sikhs. For Sikhs, there is no protector without Guru Sahiban and it is impossible for them to stop the massacre of Sikhs without their state. No power in the world can stop the rising sun of Sikhs.