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“BJP is anti-Punjab”: CM Mann, announces to implement ‘AI technology’ in revenue, health, agriculture and infrastructure

Chandigarh News: On the first day of the winter session of the Punjab Assembly, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann announced the imminent integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into various sectors across the state, including infrastructure, revenue, health, and agriculture. The government has initiated a pilot project showcasing the benefits of AI.
     Chief Minister Mann highlighted the efficacy of AI by citing an example: during road repair estimation, AI technology revealed a significant deviation from manual estimations. 
BJP is anti-Punjab: CM
Amidst this, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann accused the Center of propagating anti-Punjab sentiments through the BJP. 
He said that if it was possible, Centre could have even removed Punjab’s name from the national anthem as it has gigantic hate for the state. 
     He directed criticism at Sunil Jakhar, the former Congress member and current Punjab BJP chief, insinuating questions regarding Punjab’s finances being hindered. Mann alleged that the BJP is impeding Punjab’s progress, citing an instance where coal, supposedly sourced domestically, was imported from Sri Lanka.
Furthermore, Mann mentioned the introduction of two monetary bills today and announced the forthcoming introduction of three more bills tomorrow. These bills are pivotal in reshaping Punjab’s economy for the better, he added.