“Don’t lose patience, stay calm,” Farmer leader Dallewal urges protesting farmers in an emotional appeal

Chandigarh: Samyukta Kisan Morcha (non-political) leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal has shared an emotional video following the death of farmer Shubhkaran Singh, who was killed during a confrontation with the Haryana Police at the Khanauri border in Punjab.

Dallewal has been admitted to Patiala’s Rajindra Hospital after falling ill for two days. His emotional message is directed towards young farmer leaders.

In his video message, Dallewal said, “Some forces want to provoke us and turn the movement into chaos. Let’s obey instructions and remain calm. Victory lies in peaceful protests. If we resort to violence, we lose the battle.”

“Just yesterday, we couldn’t face the grieving family of our fallen comrade. We understand the generational gap between us and our children. Our youth are passionate, and that’s why we stand before you today. While one might think the loss of a single individual doesn’t matter, it devastates their family. So, I urge you, let’s not lose any more lives. Let’s fight together, standing tall,” added Dallewal, his voice trembling and eyes moist.

“If we lose our youth, what will become of our land? I plead with folded hands, listen to us, young men. They aim to harm you by provoking your emotions. Our goal is to achieve victory peacefully. Obey us, stay calm, and together, we will succeed,” continued Dallewal.

Meanwhile, a decision regarding the Delhi march will be made today. Both forums will discuss moving forward jointly regarding the Delhi march. Farmer leaders have spent the day meeting with the injured and the families of the deceased. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has pledged to provide Rs 1 crore to Shubhkaran Singh’s family and offer a government job to his sister.

The Chief Minister has also assured that a case will be filed against the Haryana Police, the government, and other accused parties for Shubhkaran’s death. It is expected that Shubhkaran’s postmortem will take place today, followed by his funeral.