Farmers block railway tracks at Shambhu border, scuffle with security forces

Chandigarh: Farmers protesting at the Shambhu border of Punjab-Haryana have blocked the railway track at Shambhu railway station. After blocking the national highway at the border, they have squatted on the railway track near the Shambhu border.

During this, the police attempted to stop them, resulting in a scuffle between the police and the farmers. However, the farmers broke the barricades and sat on the track.

The farmers are demanding the release of three farmers, including youth leader Navdeep Singh Jalbera. In this regard, they had previously held a meeting with the Haryana and Punjab governments, after which assurance of release was received.

Subsequently, the farmers gave the government ultimatum until April 16. If the government did not release them, they took to the tracks.

The farmers’ protest has affected 34 trains. Eleven trains have been completely canceled, while the routes of many trains have been diverted, and the routes of some have been shortened.