Jalandhar Commissionerate Police continues crusade against gangsters Three dreaded gangsters of notorious Jaggu Bhagwanpuria Gang arrested Cache of weapons seized Two were wanted in “Rajdeep murder case” of Amritsar Had procured weapons to eliminate rival gang members

Jalandhar: In a relentless pursuit against organized crime, the Jalandhar Commissionerate Police has made significant strides, apprehending three notorious gangsters associated with the Jaggu Bhagwanpuria Gang.

The arrested individuals were wanted in connection with various criminal activities, including the high-profile “Rajdeep murder case” in Amritsar. Their apprehension marks a crucial breakthrough in ongoing efforts to dismantle criminal networks operating in the region.

During the operation, a cache of weapons, believed to have been procured for eliminating rival gang members, was seized, further thwarting potential acts of violence and ensuring public safety.