Journalist Ramandeep Singh Sodhi received the ‘Best Journalist of Punjabi Diaspora’ award in Dubai

Jalandhar: Today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Pixie Jab and Panj Darya UK organised Dubai International Business Award’ ,in which the senior journalist of ‘Jag Bani’, Ramandeep Singh Sodhi, was honored with the award of ‘Best Journalist of Punjabi Diaspora’. Earlier, Sodhi was also honored with the ‘Global Pride Punjabi’ award in Canada.

Journalist Ramandeep Singh Sodhi has been serving the mother tongue Punjabi through Punjabi journalism in various countries of the world, such as Canada, America, Australia, United Kingdom, Dubai, New Zealand and many more. His popular shows ‘Neta Ji Sat Sri Akal’ and ‘Janata Di Sath’ are among the most loved programs in the Punjabi diaspora. Sodhi is also a trend setter in Punjabi digital media for his transparent, bold and honest journalism. Therefore, he has been awarded with the award of Best Journalist of Punjabi Diaspora, keeping in mind his contribution towards the Punjabi mother language.

On receiving the award, he said that he is deeply grateful to ‘Pixiejob’ and ‘Panj Darya UK’. He also thanked the chief guests present on the occasion. He also said that Dubai has been his favorite country since the beginning. After this, speaking about the award, he said that this award does not belong to him alone, but to the entire ‘Punjab Kesari’ group. He said that he is also very grateful to his boss for giving him such an opportunity. He also thanked his family and especially his wife Sandeep Kaur for receiving the award. He further said that he is also deeply grateful to his parents and said that no one can be so happy to see the progress of a person other than his parents.

He said that parents have the biggest hand behind the progress of a person. Parents are the only people in the world who want to see you progress and are happy to see you rise above yourself. A father’s happiness has no place when his children become more successful than him.

Finally, he concluded his speech with the lines of Satinder Sartaj. He said… “Those who did not earn a true name in the world, those who faced hardships on the village, proved at every turn that a statue is sculpted only by enduring injuries.”