MP Arora says do not be scared of word “Cancer” on occasion of “Cancer Survivors Day”

Ludhiana:  National Cancer Survivors Day was commemorated in local hospitals on Saturday and AAP MP (Rajya Sabha) Sanjeev Arora attended two of these functions including at DMCH, Ludhiana. Addressing these events, he categorically stated that Cancer patients’ determination to win the fight against the disease is the strongest armour.

  Addressing a gathering of cancer survivors and their family members at DMCH here, Arora said we must salute to the courage of Cancer survivors without that it would not have been possible for them to fight against the disease, which is considered as one of the dreaded diseases across the world. The event was organised by DMCH Cancer Care Centre Ludhiana, a unit of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital Managing Society in collaboration with American Oncology Institute (AOI).

  Arora who is also vice president of DMCH Managing Society, Ludhiana, added no doubt doctors are the warriors but Cancer survivors are the real warriors. He said in-fact, Cancer survivors are the real brand ambassadors for treatment and they can spread a message that this disease is now curable, if detected at an early stage.  He added the overall scenario has changed over the period because once Cancer was considered a non-curable deadly disease but now this disease can be fully cured with the timely detection and treatment. He suggested that people should got for their regular check-ups so that the disease could be treated successfully after being detected before an alarming situation.

  He said there is a misconception among the masses that Punjab specially Bathinda belt is suffering from Cancer whereas the fact is that this disease is existing everywhere across the country. He said when he recently visited South then he observed that there are Cancer hospitals available in almost every big city. He added no one knows exact cause of Cancer but Cancer patients are getting new lives after timely treatment and latest technology available in the country.

  Arora who is also a Member of Parliamentary Committee on Health said efforts are on to make Cancer treatment and medicines affordable. A lot of research has been on, he said, adding even efforts are on to find alternative medicines that could be made available at affordable rates.

  DMCH principal Dr Sandeep Puri, Dr GS Brar and DMCH Managing Society’s treasurer Mukesh Kumar were among those present.