Newborn son dies after delivery of woman in auto in Ludhiana, complaint against hospital staff

Chandigarh: Two newborns have succumbed at Ludhiana Civil Hospital in Punjab. The woman initially delivered a son in an auto, tragically passing away within minutes. Upon her arrival at the civil hospital, where she was visibly in pain, the family alleges that the hospital administration paraded her for approximately an hour while she was bleeding. They filed a complaint against the hospital authorities.

According to the information, around 2 pm, she was eventually brought to the labor room, delivering a baby girl. Regrettably, the newborn also passed away after some time. The woman, identified as Rani, and her husband Mithun, a resident of Mundia area, expressed distress over the loss.

They had previously experienced the death of another son. Today, amidst challenging circumstances, Rani gave birth to a son in an auto, only to endure another heartbreaking loss. Upon reaching the civil hospital, the hospital staff allegedly moved her around during a critical time.