Passport Melas held at Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Phagwara, Moga & Pathankot

Jalandhar: The Regional Passport Office has organised ‘Passport Mela’ today at different locations to release normal & tatkal appointments besides processing the same to facilitate applicants.

Giving details of these passport melas, the Regional Passport Officer Mr Yashpal stated that at Jalandhar Passport Seva Kendra-1, a total 695 appointment were released including 278 normal and 417 tatkaal ones. Similarly, as many as 466 appointment were booked on the spot including 275 in normal and 191 in tatkaal category. The officials also processed the 232 normal and 82 tatkaal appointments during at PSK-1, he added.

The RPO informed that the Ministry of External Affairs had decided to organise passport melas to ensure that the applicants could get earliest appointments whether in normal or Tatkaal category. He also mentioned that presently Tatkaal appointment m is available for the next working day.

At the Passport Seva Kendra Jalandhar-2, the RPO said as many as 695 appointment were released including 278 in normal and 417 in tatkaal. Likewise, a total 409 appointments were booked at PSK-2 with 278 in normal and 131 in tatkaal besides processing total 293 appointments viz 233 in normal and 60 in tatkaal.

The RPO also informed that the Passport Mela was also held at Hoshiarpur where 695 appointments were released while booking of 381 appointments. He said that a total 288 appointments were processed in both normal and tatkaal categories at Hoshiarpur. In passport mela at Moga & Phagwara as many as 95 each appointments were released, said the RPO adding that 64 appointments processed at Moga while 81 at Phagwara were processed . The Passport Mela at Phagwara witnessed releasing total 95 appointments besides processing 70 appointments.