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Punjab govt plans to give Rs 1,000 per month to women before Lok Sabha polls: Sources 

Punjab News: Before the Lok Sabha elections in Punjab, the AAP government is planning to give a gift of Rs 1,000 per month to women. The government has already chalked out a strategy for it, said a senior officer familiar with the development on the request of anonymity. 
    The scheme is to be completed in 4 phases, in which close to 80 lakh women will be benefited. For this, the government has also sent the file to the Finance Department. 
     The four phases will be divided according to the needs of women. 
First of all, single women i.e. single women are expected to get these benefits. These will include widows or divorced women etc. After this, gradually the benefit of the scheme will be extended to other women. 
In this first phase, 1.50 lakh women will be benefited. This will directly increase the expenditure on Punjab by Rs 15 crore per month. At the same time, talking about the counting of women voters in Punjab, there are 1.02 crore women voters, but this is going to directly benefit about 80 lakh women, officially said.