SGPC launches Apple-based app to broadcast Gurbani Kirtan from Sri Harmandir Sahib

Amritsar: Gurbani Kirtan, which was broadcast from Sri Harmandir Sahib, can now be listened to by Apple’s phone, laptop, iPad, and computer users in audio form.

SGPC President Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami launched the official Apple iOS app of the SGPC for this purpose on Thursday.

The application is now available. The name of this app is ‘SGPC’. Gurbani Kirtan, which devotees can download from the Apple Application Store, is available.

While launching the app, Advocate Dhami said respecting the sentiment of the sangat, the app has been released, as nowadays, every person is connected to mobile devices, etc.

He said that before today’s release of the Gurbani app for Apple phone users, the app was already active for Android phone users, receiving significant response from the sangat. Advocate Dhami appealed to the sangat to use this app for the live audio broadcast of the entire day from Sri Harmandir Sahib.