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Those who have robbed Punjab’s wealth, action only against them: asserts CM

Dhuri/Sangrur: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Friday categorically said that the state government is not at all indulging in vendetta politics but it is just nailing the corrupt who have mercilessly plundered the wealth of state.

Interacting with the media on the sidelines of his public meetings here in Dhuri assembly segment, the Chief Minister said that the state government is doing a cleansing act by ensuring that corrupt politicians are behind the bars. He said that these people have mercilessly and shamelessly looted the state and now they are paying for their sins. Bhagwant Mann wondered that how an act against perpetrators of such heinous crime be vendetta politics.

The Chief Minister said that anyone who has embezzled the people’s money, whether from the present or previous government, will not be spared at any cost. He unequivocally said that the Vigilance Bureau is functioning independently and inquiries are being conducted in a fair and transparent manner. Bhagwant Mann said that the only goal is to recover every single penny from those who have robbed the public money.

Slamming the opposition for making hue and cry over the issue, the Chief Minister said that these leaders who claim themselves to be open books have several torn pages in their life due to which they are panic of vigilance action. He asked the opposition leaders to explain that why their colleague and a former Minister, who is behind the bars, had went to offer bribe to officers of Vigilance bureau. Bhagwant Mann said that these leaders have no moral right to question the action of Vigilance as they are neck deep in corruption.

The Chief Minister said that these leaders had built huge palaces by amassing whopping wealth by misusing their official positions. He said that the walls of these palatial palaces were high and the gates usually remained close for the people. Bhagwant Mann said that these leaders remained inaccessible to the people due to which they were ousted by the masses.

The Chief Minister said that for the first time a government has been formed in Punjab which belongs exclusively to the people of state. He said that it is neither the government of the Badal nor of Captain but this is the government of every Punjabi. Bhagwant Mann assured the people that as per their aspirations no stone will be left unturned for the well being of the state adding that a new, progressive and vibrant Punjab will be carved out soon.

The Chief Minister said that judicious and optimum utilisation if government funds is being made for holistic development of the state. He added that the taxpayers’ money was being repaid to the people in the form of zero power bills, by sprucing up infrastructure, by opening Aam Admi Clinics and Schools of eminence. Bhagwant Mann said that the motive is to ensure progress of the state and prosperity of its people.

Reiterating the firm commitment of his government to punish the perpetrators of sacrilege incidents in the state, the Chief Minister said that for the first time wheels of state government have moved in this direction. He said that justice in these cases is not far away as the challan has already been presented in the court to ensure severest of severe action against the culprits. Bhagwant Mann said that the day is not far away when the culprits of this heinous crime will be seen behind the bars.

The Chief Minister said that the matter is subjudice and challan has been presented by the SIT formed by the High Court. He said that ironically the people who made tall claims that they were ready for making any sacrifice for people are now afraid of going to a court in Faridkot. Bhagwant Mann quipped that out of panic these leaders are running pillar to post for applying bail in court which clearly reflects the difference between their words and works.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister held public meetings at several villages including Meemsa, Katron, Balian and others during which he released development grants and redressed the grievances of people.

In his address, the Chief Minister profusely thanked the people of segment for electing him as their representative in Punjab assembly. He said that it is matter of great pride and satisfaction that people have shown lot of affection to me adding that he can never return this love back. Bhagwant Mann assured people that no stone will be left unturned for development of the segment.

The Chief Minister said that Dhuri will be developed as a model city with holistic development by properly funds. He said that soon the city will be equipped with m world class health and education facilities, roads, clean ponds, water recharging and canal water irrigation system. Bhagwant Mann said that approval has been received for a railway over bridge in Dhuri which would ease the traffic problem in the city.