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Sangrur News: In a landmark initiative aimed at inculcating reading habits amongst the youth of the state, the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on Friday dedicated 12 state of the art Libraries to the people of the state.

      “These 12 Libraries are just a beginning and 16 more such libraries will be soon inaugurated” said the Chief Minister, while addressing the gathering here.

    The Chief Minister said that these world class libraries are equipped with ultra modern facilities to ensure that they act as a paradise for book lovers. He said that hi-tech facilities like Air conditioners, Invertors, CCTV cameras, Wifi and others.  Bhagwant Singh Mann said that these libraries are a true repository of knowledge and literature adding that it is a matter of great pride and satisfaction for all of us that this state of the art libraries houses precious books on varied subjects, which attracts the book lovers.

      The Chief Minister said that the collection of libraries includes some of the rare and precious books, which would be a big asset for the book lovers. He envisioned that these libraries will prove to be a game changer for transforming the destiny of the students. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the motive is to prepare the youth for becoming active partners in the socio-economic growth of the state.

      The Chief Minister said that the state government will replicate the ‘Pehal’ scheme going on in the district at the state level to set up production units in every household. Citing the example of China, he said that like that country Punjab will be made a leading producer of goods in the world through this mechanism. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that Punjabis have been blessed with an indomitable spirit of hard work, dedication and commitment due to which they excel in every sphere.

      The Chief Minister further announced that in a paradigm shift the state government will get the uniforms of the government schools in Punjab stitched from the Self Help Groups. He said that SHGs are working tirelessly in the villages of the state and this move will help in strengthening the working of these groups. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that this move will go a long way in empowering the women especially in the rural areas.

      The Chief Minister said that the previous governments had used the powers for the sake of their vested interests or for the interests of their families. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that these leaders always befooled the common man due to which they were rejected by the people. He said that the incumbent government may not have the experience to loot the people but we certainly have the experience to serve the masses by constructing hospitals, schools and others.

        The Chief Minister said that the state government has so far given 36521 jobs in the first 18 months of its tenure thereby setting a record of providing government service to 2000 youth every month. He said that it is a record as none of the previous governments have given so many jobs to youth especially in the initial months of its tenure. Bhagwant Singh Mann reiterated that merit and transparency have been the twin pillars based on which jobs have been given to the youth across the state.

      Making a scathing attack on the opposition parties, the Chief Minister said that those who were living in palatial houses during their heydays of power have been ousted from the political scene of the state. He said that the state has witnessed the dawn of a new era as these people who were considered invincible have been shown the door by the people. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that due to this a change has been witnessed in Punjab and for the first time people centric decisions have acquired centre-stage in the process of governance.

      The Chief Minister reiterated that anyone who had plundered the money of Punjab and its people will be made accountable for his sins against the state. He said that the corrupt elements will be put behind the bars and will not be spared at any cost. Bhagwant Mann solicited fulsome support and cooperation from the people in the tirade of the state government against the corruption.

      The Chief Minister said that the state government will soon resolve the issue of NOC for registration of lands. He said that for this purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being introduced for identification and demarcation of the land. Bhagwant Singh Mann said the state government is on the threshold of heralding a new revolution in departments of Revenue, Police, Taxation, Health, Agriculture and others.

      The Chief Minister also said that due to the strenuous efforts of the state government, the players of state are bringing laurels for the state in the Asian games. He said that the state government is incentivizing the players with the cash awards and other facilities. Bhagwant Singh Mann further said that for the first time in the history of state players are being given financial assistance to prepare for international events.