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Punjab government revises mid-day meal menu from July 1 

Chandigarh: The Punjab School Education Department has revised the menu for mid-day meals. Dal-mah chana has now been included. Additionally, kheer will be served to the students once a week. The new menu will be implemented starting July 1, after the holidays. Emphasis will be placed on the purity of the food, which will be inspected by the school management committees. The department has assigned this responsibility to ensure quality.

According to the new menu, the meals will be as follows:

– Monday: Dal mixed with vegetables and roti

– Tuesday: Rajma and rice

– Wednesday: Black gram

– Thursday: White gram mixed with potatoes, puri, and roti

– Friday: Curry and rice

– Saturday: Seasonal vegetable and roti

During this time, seasonal fruits will also be provided to the students. The department has emphasized that the food will be served hot to ensure the students do not face any issues with their meals.