Vivek Agnihotri Clarifies That His ‘Colourful Star’ Tweet….

Vivek Agnihotri tweeted a few days back about the Bollywood awards mafia, attempting to expose them by detailing how the system is corrupt. He gave the example of a “colourful star” who was disliked by the public yet nevertheless managed to win many awards.

Without mentioning any names, he penned: “I was shocked to know how the Bollywood awards mafia works. For example, this year one colourful star managed to get all 10+ awards despite both of his films being disasters and rejected by audience. This shows how corrupt and ‘for sale’ is the awards mafia. But Bollywood is silent.”

As soon as he tweeted, internet users began to speculate that he was making a direct shot at Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. Many saw the tweet as a possible jab at actor Ranveer Singh because he is renowned for his eccentric style. The director has now spoken out to clear the air.

According to Hindustan Times, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ has now denied that he was referring to Ranveer Singh in his comments.

Vivek clarified, “Ranveer is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors in the industry. But then, one should be awarded for good acting, not when one is not doing anything or any great film. Here, I would like to mention that it is not Ranveer Singh. It is not about him. It is about the way these award events function.”

Mocking the awards shows, he said, “I don’t care who gets the award. My only contention is that these are all for sale awards. Anybody who has the money and power can buy it. Or somebody who is attending gets an award. I don’t understand why it is called an award function, it should just be called a festival or a get-together.”

He added, “They are giving such a bad name to our country, look at the kinds of awards they give, and how they do it. It is shameful. Cinema, which should actually make the brand India stronger, is actually demeaning it. Every single award has 10-12 people, all those friends of each other. They are seen everywhere, as if nobody exists in this industry. If we don’t change the way Bollywood is going, there will be nothing left to give any awards to.”