US announces plan to provide relief to H-1B visa holders

Washington: The US has provided significant relief to H-1B visa holders by unveiling a new scheme. Under this initiative, children and spouses of a specific class of H-1B visa professionals will receive ‘automatic’ permission to work.

The approximately 100,000 H-4 visa holders will benefit from this measure. The national security agreement, announced on Sunday, has garnered bipartisan support in the US Senate, including both Republican and Democratic factions, as well as backing from the White House.

Within the agreement, the two parties also addressed the challenges faced by the 250,000 children of H-1B visa holders who have grown up. This development brings positive news for numerous Indian tech professionals awaiting green cards for years. Previously, spouses of Indian professionals in the US were unable to work, and their grown-up children faced the risk of deportation to India. It’s essential to note that a green card is necessary for permanent settlement in the US.

President Joe Biden emphasized in a statement, “The immigration structure has been deteriorating for decades… Now it’s time to get it right… This will make our country and borders safer.” He highlighted that a well-managed immigration system ensures fair and humane treatment of people.