Know who are the young men and women created ruckus by spraying smoke inside Parliament?

The anniversary of the terrorist attack on Parliament House, which occurred 22 years ago, was marred by a tumultuous incident.         Two young men seated in the visitors’ gallery leaped into the Lok Sabha during Zero Hour and released smoke onto tables. 
        Prior to this event, a man and a woman were apprehended in front of Transport Bhawan outside Parliament House, vociferously shouting slogans while deploying a similar type of gas.
        The youths apprehended within Parliament have been identified as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D. hails from Mysore in Karnataka.
In addition, based on information from the Delhi Police, the two demonstrators arrested in front of Transport Bhawan have been taken to Parliament Street Police Station for questioning. They are identified as Neelam (42) and Anmol Shinde (25). Neelam originally hails from Hisar in Haryana, while Anmol Shinde resides in Latur, Maharashtra.
      Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla addressed the incident within Parliament and acknowledged the individuals arrested near Transport Bhawan. He stated, ‘A preliminary inquiry has been conducted… A comprehensive investigation report will also be furnished later. There was a startling emission of smoke (inside Parliament)… Both men have been apprehended… Two individuals from outside Parliament have also been detained.’
Meanwhile, Amroha MP Kunwar Danish Ali mentioned that the two individuals who accessed Parliament, namely Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D, were issued passes by BJP leader Pratap Sinha’s office. According to Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the two individuals who entered the Lok Sabha possessed teargas shells. During Zero Hour, one of them was witnessed jumping on tables, while the other was observed hanging from the public gallery, spraying teargas.