Amritsar Police bans use of social media for cops on duty, to face music for violation

Amritsar: The Amritsar Commissionerate Office has issued strict orders prohibiting police officers from using social media while on duty. Police Commissioner Ranjit Singh Dhillon, while issuing the orders said, many officers have been observed using their mobile phones excessively during duty hours. “Whether sitting on a chair, in a car, or at their post, officers are frequently distracted by their smartphones, engaging in social media, chats, and other non-work-related activities,” Dhillon said.

He said that this behavior not only hampers the officers’ ability to protect the public but also endangers their own safety. The Commissioner warned that any officer caught engaging in these activities will face strict disciplinary action.

This move aims to ensure that officers remain vigilant and committed to their responsibilities while on duty, he said.