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Bikram Majithia went to Patiala jail only to do drama, his intention was not to meet Bandi Singh – Malvinder Singh Kang

Chandigarh: Reacting to the visit of Bikram Majithia to the Patiala jail, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that the Akali Dal Badal leader had gone there only to create drama. His intention was not to meet Bandi Singh, but only to create a scene.

     The Aam Aadmi Party Punjab’s chief spokesperson Malvinder Singh Kang said that on December 2 itself, the jail administration had said that the meeting could not take place as there were some strict rules and regulations for meeting him, yet they went there to do this drama.

     Kang said that the real thing is that the condition of Akali Dal Badal is so bad that even in the last by-election they tried to use Balwant Singh Rajoana’s sister as pawn and wanted to political benefits but people saw through them and didn’t vote for SAD (Badal).

     Kang said that these people always try to propagate their politics by playing with emotions of people, that is why today they staged the drama of meeting Rajoana outside the jail. These people are displaying their cheap politics just by using his name.

      Kang questioned Bikram Majithia and said that Majithia should tell that he was a minister in the Punjab government from 2007 to 2017, how many times had he met with Bandi Singhs? He said that while he was in the government, he did not go to meet Bandi Singhs even once, now he is suddenly aware of them.

     He said that when they (Badals and Majitha) were in power, they didn’t care about Bandi Singhs, Sikhs and Punjab and when they are out of power, they try to use all these things for their political benefits.