Man kiled by wife, brother over illicit affairs in Amritsar 

Amritsar: In Amritsar, a woman, in conjunction with her brother-in-law, killed husband using a sharp weapon in an incident that took place in village Bopara Khurd. 
     The reported motive behind this act was the brother-in-law’s alleged involvement in extramarital affairs. The wife, driven by this circumstance, resorted to killing her husband to eliminate him as an obstacle.
The deceased, identified as Savinder Singh (32), worked as a mason. According to his brother-in-law Niranjan Singh, Savinder Singh had been married to Lakhwinder Kaur for about 10 years. Recently, he discovered the illicit relationship between his wife and his younger brother, Jang Singh, which led to disputes between the couple.
     Lakhwinder Kaur and Jang Singh perceived Savinder Singh as an impediment in their relationship. When an opportunity arose late on Sunday night, they used a sharp weapon to end his life.