‘Firing orders on farmers came from someone else but I was the Home Minister and I take full responsibility,’ says Anil Vij

Ambala: Former Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij attended an election program in the village of Panjokhra Sahib in Ambala today. Upon seeing some farmers protesting in the village, he stopped his car, got out, and approached the farmers to listen to their concerns. Former Minister Anil Vij and the farmers greeted each other with folded hands.

Anil Vij said that he has done substantial work in Panjokhra Sahib and was visiting the village to meet the people. The farmers welcomed him and demanded action against those responsible for firing on the farmers.

In response, Anil Vij said that he is no longer a minister in the government, but he is still their brother. He emphasized that he did not avoid the protesting farmers but came to hear them out.

Anil Vij told the farmers that although the order to fire bullets came from someone else, he was the Home Minister at that time and takes full responsibility for it.

He said that while he is no longer a minister, he remains an MLA committed to serving the people. He assured them that he can address the issues of his area as an MLA.

When Anil Vij asked the farmers if they believed that development work had been done in Panjokhra Sahib during his tenure, the farmers agreed and acknowledged the efforts made by him.